Scopia Gateway

SCOPIA100 gateway provides seamless video connectivity between ISDN, serial and IP networks. The gateways are ideal for connecting IP videoconferencing networks with ISDN endpoints and networks.

SCOPIA100 Gateway Highlights

  • Standard-compliant solutions with guaranteed interoperability
  • High quality communications for voice, video and data streams using advanced DSP technologies
  • Intelligent management of communication channels to ensure optimal utilization of available resources and services
  • Network-wide detection and automatic recovery of communication and resources for superb gateway reliability
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use, with centralized management and a global view of full system statistics


Scopia 100 Gateway Linking

SCOPIA100® Gateways Specifications

Network protocols:

  • H.323 over IP
  • H.320 over ISDN
  • H.3201 over V.35/RS-449/EIA-530/EIA-530A DCE & DTE
  • H.243 conference control

Video Protocols:

  • H.261
  • H.263
  • H.263+
  • H.263++
  • H.264

Video Resolution:

  • QCIF
  • CIF
  • 4CIF
  • 16CIF
  • 448p
  • 480p
  • 576p
  • 720p

Audio Protocols:

  • G.711
  • G.722
  • G.722.1
  • G.723.1
  • G.728

Audio Transcoding:

  • G.728<>G.711
  • G.711<>G.723

Data Protocols:

  • T.120
  • T.140
  • T.281 FECC
  • TANDBERG DuoVideo
  • H.239

Data Collaboration and Presentation Sharing

  • H.239 and DuoVideo for presentation sharing

Line Echo Cancellation2

Call Bonding2:

ISDN call bonding of up to 2MB (E1)

  • 1.5MB (T1) on PRI connections
  • 512Kbps for BRI
  • Downspeeding support2


  • SNMP
  • Embedded Web server

Call Routing:

  • Built-in Interactive Voice

Response (IVR)

  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
  • TCS4
  • Default extension for operator assistance
  • Flexible/configurable IP dial plan
  • RS366 signaling1


  • AES Encryption3 – H.233, H.234, H.235
  • HTTPS web server
  • S40 is fully complaint with government and military encryption devices such as KIV-7M, KIV-7HS, KIV-19, KG-193 and STE.


  • Dynamic routing of IP calls to neighboring gateways based on resource availability
  • Downspeeding support2
  • Network optimization for high call completion
  • H.320 line related auto registration
  • Network Specific Facility (NSF)2
  • QoS support with DiffServe, IP TOS and precedence
  • Advanced IP packet handling ensuring high quality communications
  • Fast connect for voice calls2
  • S40 supports the LOS signal and is seamlessly interoperable with encryption devices such as KIV7, used in federal and military markets
  • Redirect (PRI) in ISDN-to-IP calls, the gateway will forward to the destination IP terminal caller ID and redirecting endpoint details


1 Specific to gw-S40 Gateway.
2 Not supported with the S40 Gateway.
3 Port capacities when using encryption are reduced by half. This does not apply to the S40 and B40 Gateways.